Matt RobinsonMatt Robinson

Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson provides legislative advocacy for a variety of the firm's clients.

Matt Robinson joined the Shaw / Yoder / Antwih, Inc. team as a legislative advocate in 2013. Prior to joining the firm, Matt worked in state service under two gubernatorial administrations, as well as in the legislature as a Capitol staffer. Matt was most recently appointed under Governor Jerry Brown to serve as the Deputy Director for Legislation at the California High-Speed Rail Authority. While at the Authority, Matt managed the Authority’s legislative program, working with the Governor’s Office, the California State Transportation Agency, the Legislature, local agencies, and stakeholders to ensure successful planning and implementation of the state’s rail modernization program.

Prior to his work at the Authority, Matt was an analyst at Governor Brown’s Department of Finance, where he oversaw the budget of the Authority, as well as Caltrans’ rail and transit programs. While at Finance, Matt worked extensively on the 2012 Budget Act, which provides billions in funding to begin construction of the high-speed rail system and upgrade and expand existing transit, commuter, and intercity rail systems throughout California.

Before moving to Finance, Matt worked for five years as a legislative representative at the Department of Fish and Wildlife, under Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and before that, in the State Capitol for three years as legislative staff for two Senators, including the Senate Budget Committee Chair.

Matt received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from California State University, Sacramento.